How IrisAgent Is Re-imagining Customer Support

Are you providing the best support to your customers? Today companies launch new features and products frequently in order to meet customer demands. This pace is enabled by new-age DevOps practices with fast release cycles, but this also means companies will regularly face performance issues, bugs, and at worst, outages

However, with 87% of people admitting they would return to a company that provided excellent service and 69% recommending a business after a positive experience, ensuring you offer strong customer support is essential.   

The current market 

With consumer demands changing constantly, your customer support tends to be reactive. Fast-paced DevOps and engineering mean new features and functionality is added at an incredible pace. While these can provide a better overall experience for customers, it can place an increased burden on support teams. These new features not only mean teams need to learn new systems but they are frequently hit by bugs and outage issues. 

With more product issues, it will lead to an increase in support cases from customers. However, with support teams often unaware of the problems or lacking the knowledge to resolve them, it means issues have to be escalated further, and customer experience is seriously impacted.  

A new solution

At IrisAgent, we understand the importance of providing your customers with the best experience possible. That is why we have re-imagined customer support, giving you a proactive solution to transform your customer support services. 

Utilizing insights and information from many functions, including engineering, product, and operations, IrisAgent ensures your team always has the required information. That means when a customer issue happens or is about to happen, IrisAgent can quickly identify and resolve the problem. IrisAgent integrates with your business’s key monitoring and product platforms and uses machine learning to identify major issues. This doesn't just help resolve customer support tickets swiftly and efficiently; it also identifies regular patterns to automatically fix numerous support tickets.

In this modern digital world, customers will no longer accept waiting for a response. They demand fast solutions. IrisAgent will help you to tackle key problems before customers encounter them, allowing you to provide a fast, seamless experience. 

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